Being the neighbor of Odisha, West Bengal celebrates Rath Yatra with the same level of enthusiasm. It’s very easy to join the celebration during this time because you’ll find people are being energetic to see a glimpse of Jagannath Dev in every part of Bengal. The city of joy celebrates Rath Yatra in its own way. We’ll try to portray a vision of how Kolkata celebrates Rath Yatra.

What Is Rath Yatra?

Rath yatra is a popular Hindu festival which is mainly based on the huge public procession. The meaning of Rath is Chariot and Yatra means journey. It is believed by Hindus that Lord Jagannath is a form of Lord Vishnu. This occasion is mainly focused on Lord Jagannath’s chariot journey with his two siblings Lord Balram and Subhadra Devi. 

Chariot Festival is very popular in West Bengal where you can easily find the warmth of celebrating this occasion. Even young kids decorate a small replica of chariots with their parents and start their own procession. 

How Kolkata Celebrates Rath Yatra Now?

After 1972, ISKON has been celebrating this festival every year. It has become World’s second-largest Rath Yatra festival, only followed by Jagannath Puri’s Rath Yatra festival. Recently, the organizers are making it big with great enthusiasm. People of Kolkata join this celebration with gathering to watch a glimpse of Jagannath Dev’s holy chariot. Some join the professions with devotees.

With the Rath Yatra festival, it is notable to find some people selling sweets, local snacks, household things, saplings and even some other small useful things. It’s better to say that you will even find a fair in some corners of the city, though we doubt it’s possible to find one in the heart of the city.

Rath Yatra is quite exciting for young kids. They decorate small replica of Jagannath’s chariot with their parents and make their own little procession in the neighborhood area.

Some small organizations make Rath Yatra processions too, even some families make little processions with their chariot. Like other festivals, this city celebrates Rath Yatra with a great passion and enthusiasm. Mow it’s safe to say that Kolkata really knows how to celebrate each and every festival.

Full article originally posted at Hey Calcutta!

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